Does It Take Too Long for You to Hire?

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Does your hiring process sound something like this?

  1. Have Human Resources post the job, collect resumes and then send them to the hiring manager for review. (2 weeks).

  2. Human Resources or the hiring manager do a phone screen with these candidates. (2 weeks)

  3. Following phone screens, you bring in the top 3-4 candidates in to meet face to face with you. (2 weeks)

  4. Now that you have narrowed it down to a couple of candidates you then need coordinate your interview team’s schedule. (2 weeks)

  5. You gather everyone’s feedback and make an offer (1 week).

  6. Your offer is accepted and your new employee turns in their notice and will start in 3 weeks. (3 weeks)

This outdated interview process is typical of most companies and the BEST case in this scenario is that you have someone started in the empty position 3 months after you posted it! What happens if the candidate that it took you 12 weeks to get through your interview process  turns down your offer? Do you start the search again because you lost the best candidates to competing offers? What is the cost in productivity because of the empty seat on your team?

Over the years in the recruiting industry, we’ve developed an approach that allows our clients to attract, recruit, assess and hire the best candidates in less than 4 weeks. Our clients now have a solid, consistent and well-documented process when it comes to hiring. It is easy to compare candidates directly to each other and know that any offer of employment will be accepted. 

As your consultants, we will quickly assess your needs and conduct a market analysis that will provide you with a profile of the pool of candidates you are searching for. Our team then prioritizes your search and focuses their efforts on your role to deliver a diverse pool of candidates for you to meet within 7 days. All candidates have already been thoroughly screened by us and are knowledgeable about you, your company and the job. You will also have access to at least two employment references for use in evaluating each candidate. Because of the effort we put in getting to know you and your organization, these candidates are not only a technical fit, but a fit for your culture as well.

We will walk you through the selection process by providing briefings, assessments and references before each interview. We will discuss the candidate feedback and your notes immediately following each meeting to ensure you the ability to make accurate, consistent hiring decisions.

If you are interested in a quality driven process that can net you the candidate that you want with minimal lost productivity and distraction to your team, contact me today!

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